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Hi, I'm Julianne

For as long as I can remember, situations requiring speaking in front of groups (from 2 people to 200), evoked feelings on a spectrum from moderate anxiety to absolute white terror. 

Over the next 25 years, I took every public speaking course and opportunity I could find. 

This culminated when I designed, created, and delivered a public speaking training course for a global management consulting firm where I was a Senior Consulting Manager known for effective speaking skills with clients and within the firm. 

It is my lived experience that extreme fear of public speaking can be harnessed and used for effective, engaging, and impactful delivery. 

I want to share what works with you. 

Are you ready to transform?


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I wrote Flip the Fear of Public Speaking based on 20 years of personal and professional experience speaking, coaching, and mentoring. This book contains a method that worked for me and has worked for hundreds of students, consultants, and others seeking to flip their fear of public speaking.  


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Let me personally walk you through the experience of "flipping the fear." Because fear of public speaking is something I have experienced and overcome, I am passionate about helping others to do the same. Join me now to start your transformation today. 

The short story: Author, Writer, Speaker. MBA and former Registered Nurse. Curator of Writes about nurturing ourselves, our children, and the planet.

  • Founder of “Speaking for Success London” (2010)

  • Winner of numerous Toastmasters speaking awards including “Toastmaster of the Year” 2008 and twice Area International Speech Champion

  • Interviewed with BBC radio on “Flipping the Fear”

  • Motivational guest speaker at numerous Toastmasters events

  • Provides 1-1 speaking coaching, workshops, and presentations specializing in techniques for reducing anxiety and “flipping the fear” of public speaking

Flip Your Fear Notre Dame 9-2017-5_edited.jpg

Flip Your Fear presents a highly effective combination of well-reasoned theory with practical tips for implementation. Unlike other speakers who discuss abstract concepts without explaining how to put them into practice, Julianne’s program provides a blueprint for using these tools immediately and effectively. I recommend Flip Your Fear for anyone seeking to maximize their personal and professional


– Blair Munro, SMART Technologies

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