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Corporate and Motivational Speaking: 

As a former Senior Manager with an international global consulting firm, Julianne has spoken to hundreds of clients, universities, speaking groups, and students winning hearts and glowing feedback. 

A leader in public speaking, facilitation, and communication, with a passion for helping others, Julianne has also created and delivered numerous training courses to hundreds of management consultants and executives looking to gain the power to persuade.

Additional Speaking: 

  • Founder of “Speaking for Success London” (2010)

  • Winner of numerous Toastmasters speaking awards including “Toastmaster of the Year” 2008 and twice Area International Speech Champion

  • Interviewed with BBC radio on “Flipping the Fear”

  • Motivational guest speaker at numerous Toastmasters events

  • International Graduate Assistant Trainer for Dale Carnegie in Canada, the UK, and the US

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ACCLAIM FOR Julianne Buchler

In contrast to other presentations, I’ve experienced that detail general tips. On speaking in front of an audience, Julianne’s ‘Flip the Fear’ explains how these can be most effectively applied.


The content, delivery and encouragement offered by Julianne throughout her presentation, coupled with her knowledge and obvious enthusiasm for the topic, resonated with all present and has since increased the focus and bolstered the confidence of all our Leadership Development Program participants.

RICHARD BURTON Manager, Technical Communications

SMART Technologies

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