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Are you ready to transform? 

I am excited to announce that my online course, Flip the Fear, will be available soon on Thinkific. Join me personally through videos, readings, and interactive learning as I guide you through flipping the fear of public speaking. 

Let me share with you the transferable skill set I learned over 20 years of speaking, coaching, teaching, and consulting with business professionals, clients, and students on public speaking, facilitation, and communication. 

It is my personal experience that fear can be transformed into energy and enthusiasm to connect with an audience and I want to make this knowledge yours. 


Let's Work Together

Julianne's motivational speeches and workshops on overcoming the fear of public speaking are perfect for businesses looking to help managers become more confident when stepping up to the podium and presenting around the table.

Stephen, UK

"I'm so inspired by Julianne's encouragement for me to speak. She is so supportive and I very quickly came out of my shell. I enjoyed the speaking session very much and was not afraid to make mistakes. She is able to relate to all my fears and help me to put them aside and empower us with techniques to speak confidently."


Deborah, London

"Another inspiring meeting. Julianne has an enthusiastic and energizing style, she combines useful strategies with opportunities for practice and feedback. I recommend it to all who need to practice and learn new skills for informal and public speaking."

Marco, UK

"Julianne has great ideas on how to help people learn public speaking in a new and effective way"

About Julianne Buchler

Experience: Senior Healthcare Management Consultant (MBA, RN), award-winning author of "Flip the Fear of Public Speaking" (International Book Award Finalist, 2013), public speaking coach, and motivational speaker.

A former Senior Management Healthcare Consulting Lead with 16 years of international healthcare experience including leading large-scale, system-wide transformation initiatives focused on digital care, care redesign, patient experience, and innovation as well as an MBA with distinction from Oxford University and Bachelor of Nursing (RN). Specialized in management consulting in the healthcare setting as well as motivational speaking and public speaking coaching.

Specialty Skills: Healthcare project management and consulting (large-scale digital transformation, care redesign, patient experience), health/innovation-focused research, motivational speaking/coaching


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